~~X-Files Fanfiction by Blackwood~~

  "No disguise can long conceal love where it is,
nor feign where it is not."

These stories were written in homage to the television drama, The X-Files.
Stories are rated according to the MPAA guidelines for age-appropriateness.

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A Fresh Start PG-13

Only the Faithful Endure PG-13

The Elusive Scent of Lilacs PG
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Live Wires PG-13

Dolce Far Niente NC-17

Restless Vespers PG-13

Benefaction PG-13
co-written with Mish

Suspension of a Life in Progress PG-13

Post Obitum PG

The Long Way Home R

Melancholy in Common Time PG-13
Inspired by Sophia Jirafe's, Letter, April 2000

Meltdown NC-17

Luminaries of the Heart PG
Inspired by Christina's, Gold Embossing

The Ghost of You and Me PG-13

Ancient Mariner R
Written for the Virtual Season 8 Project

Curbside PG

Her Strut PG-13

Nowhere Special NC-17
Inspired by Lydia Bower's, Intercourse

Twice-Told Tale NC-17
co-written with Audrey Roget

Inversion Layer NC-17

Restored to Grace R

Look Back, Look Ahead PG

D.W.D. R

Sympathetic Vibrations

Words On A Page G

Starry Night NC-17

Chemistry PG

Exordium G

Ten Reasons R

Catching Up is Hard to Do PG-13

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